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Poetic Thrust | All Water

Please keep in mind that this film has not officially released yet and is still in the finishing process! (Sound Mix + Color)

Poetic Thrust is not your typical hip-hop group. They are a 7 part Jazz and Hip-Hop collective, who are brought together by their unanimous love for improvisation and free-styling. This music video/documentary hybrid captures both the sound and the vibe of the band and digs into their unique recording process. The film was shot on both high definition Cinema Cameras, and 16mm Film to capture the textural feeling of the music, and the physicality and rawness of their all-live recording process. This film was made in conjunction with their All Water EP, but the film is stand alone piece in and of itself. From start to finish, this was created by a team of friends who have all been collaborating since they went to college together, both on the music side and video side and the piece was made with little to no budget and a whole lotta love.


Created by Dexter Brierley and Matt Seger of Underhill

Edited by Dior Rodriguez

Original Music by Poetic Thrust